June 20, 2024

A nutraceutical is a pharmaceutical alternative that claims to offer users physiological benefits. If you’re still unsure of what they are, then this example should help. A nutraceutical is a food item containing elements such as vitamins and nutrients that provide users with health benefits. So, when you’re buying nutraceuticals, you might wonder what you can expect to see in custom nutraceutical labels. Watch the YouTube video for a description to understand the components that comprise a food label.

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Understanding Nutraceutical Labels

The United States Food and Drug Administration regulates what you read on nutraceutical labels. A nutraceutical is labeled as a food item that provides medical benefits and health additives. An example would be green tea. It’s a drink that provides health benefits such as vitamins A, D, and E, among other vitamins. Nutraceuticals are regulated by the same standards as supplements, and their labels should meet the same requirements.

When you look at the label, the first thing you should see is the name of the nutraceutical and the amount in the container. In addition, the label should include nutrition labeling, the ingredient list, and the name and location of the manufacturer, distributor, or packer. In addition, the label should stay affixed to the container and be marked.

If you’re interested in doing labeling for nutraceuticals, you must adhere to all regulations and requirements. Conduct research and view examples of other labels to ensure you meet industry standards.


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