May 21, 2024

Lovers of seafood might think the mussels in their favorite meals come from fishing expeditions. As this video explains, they probably come from a mussel farming operation. These farms plant mussel seeds in the ocean, where they grow for up to six months before farmers harvest them.

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These bivalve mollusks provide high-protein seafood that farmers can cultivate using methods similar to growing plants. A colony of mussels enjoys a protected growth area on these farms. Agricultural and aquatic scientists work in labs to create the seeds for the creatures, then transport them to the ocean to grow in nature.

Mussels offer a flexible fish ingredient that complements dishes from a variety of cuisines. Try mussels in a lemon garlic butter sauce or a cioppino seafood stew. They also taste great steamed or cooked in a white wine sauce. This diverse seafood creature appears in chili, curry, salad, pasta, and stews.

Explore the many uses of green mussels in your favorite dishes. Mussel farmers continue to work on ways to grow a better crop of these delectable seafood treats. This low-cost ingredient can help add a healthy protein to many meals. Explore how you can integrate them into your diet.

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