July 23, 2024

Are you ordering Italian take out and looking to learn more about some dinner traditions of Italian families? Let’s take a look.

Italian culture is steeped in the arts, family, architecture, music and food. Italians place a high premium on their food, and much emphasis is placed on what to eat, how to cook it, and when to eat it. Food is one of the defining characteristics of Italian culture, and it is taken very seriously.

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Food is far from an ordinary source of nourishment in the life of an Italian. It is something to be proud of, a unique way of celebrating the many festivals and Saint Days dotting the Italian calendar, and a family secret to be guided with the highest level of discretion.

It is common for the Italian family to dine together on a Sunday. The food is usually a three-course meal consisting of a pre-meal treat which may include cheese, cured meat, olive oil, and veggies. Then it is followed by another dish which may be a pasta dish and then a fish or meat dish. They top it off with some local cheese, espresso, and some wine or liquor.


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