July 23, 2024
best yet bbq

Everybody loves to eat, particularly if it is a delicious meal. Hunger is one of those cravings that can’t be ignored. It’s a craving that can’t even be satisfied with any food. Some people are more easily satisfied than others. Others may be more picky and selective in the food they choose to satisfy their hunger. A good, traditional barbecue is the only thing that brings people together. According to research by the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, the market for barbecue contract catering is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 4% from 2016-2021. There are many ways to prepare and make barbecue, which has led to a larger market. Vegan-friendly BBQ options allow everyone to have the comfort of home while still enjoying delicious barbecue.

The Best Places to BBQ

Each state has its own unique qualities, be it their stunning flowers or wild nightlife. But some places are known to be famous for their fantastic restaurants–especially their BBQ. We have compiled a list with the top restaurants in America that will guarantee you the best yet BBQ wings or ribs.

1. Bill’s Real Pit Bar BBQ & The Boondocks Barbecue and Grill: Our first stop was Ohio. McConnelsville and Frazeysburg Road Nashport are home to some of the finest BBQ in Ohio. Bill’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q is a family-owned and operated BBQ restaurant. They offer all-you-can-eat and family-sized combo platters. This can be used for an office party, or any special occasion. You can also order regular-sized meals such as sandwiches or barbecue specials. Boondocks BBQ and Grill is an award winning BBQ restaurant that offers a variety of menu items, including Louisiana Crab Cakes, Slow-Cooked Ribs and Pulled Pork. Honorable mention goes to the BBQ restaurants in Dayton Ohio, which offer some of the finest BBQ catering.

2. Joe’s Kansas City bar-b-que: This hidden gem is located inside an unassuming gas station. Their motto is “low & slow”, which makes their food one of the finest in the city. They are known for their ribs and Burnt Ends Sandwich. Their motto is the reason it’s so popular. It takes 15 hours to smoke the Brisket, which ensures that customers are awestruck by its crisp, caramelized texture. But here’s the kicker: It is only available three days per week.

3. The Bar-BQ Shop: This joint is a top-rated barbecue spot in Memphis, Tennessee. They are known for their perfectly crafted pork ribs using Daddy Frank’s dry rub. Dancing Pigs sauce, which is vinegar-based, gives the ribs their tender texture. It can be used hot or cold for those who take risks. You will be impressed by the seasoning. It can spice up any holiday party, office party, or even work party.

4. Killen’s Barbecue is a Texas-based restaurant in Pearland. A three-hour wait forms for their smoked Brisket. Their brisket is perfectly cooked, giving it a crispy, black texture. The interior is succulent and has a bark-like exterior. Their beef brisket catering is the best yet BBQ.

5. Saw’s BBQ is a family-owned BBQ spot that we visited in Alabama. Saw’s is a Birmingham-based company that produces barbecued hickory pork cuts. They smoke their pork over various woods including oak and pecan, which gives them their distinctive smoky, tender taste, infused with spices. However, their pulled pork and ribs aren’t their only attraction–customers flock to Saw’s for their unique, locally made condiment flavors that infuse tangy mayo, cider vinegar, and hints of lemon juice that adds to its appeal. Their catering menu is also very popular. With the ability to feed upwards of 18-20 persons, it’s a great choice for special events and birthday parties.

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